Kelly Clarkson

Friday we ran, we ate, we shopped, we hung out and played a little Paper Mario. MK took me back to the library, I needed more books! I didn’t realize that one that I checked out was third in a four part series, I don’t do that. We got ready and went out to meet friends at the Greenlake bar The Kangaroo and Kiwi. I hadn’t paid much attention to Greenlake, but it’s like Town Lake. A lake you can run around. Good to know. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned I’ve never driven in this city, so I doubt I could find it to run at, but maybe someday…It was a super fun bar. CD and I beat the boys at darts, always good. This is the crazy part: I met a guy, and told him I was from CT. He said, “Where? I have a best friend that is from _____” (my hometown!) I have never met anyone, ever, before, that has heard of _____, never mind been there and can describe parts to me. Unreal. The guy was older than me, so I’m not sure if I know the friend or not, but since there’s only one school, he’s gotta be in a year book somewhere.

As the night unfolded, there began to be a slightly too extreme amount of debauchery for me. I know, can you believe this day has come? Apparently Seattle-ites party harder than Austinites. Who knew? CD agreed to go with MK and I to a bar back downtown. We ended up at Belltown Billiards. I’ve never had a warmer beer, and I felt like I was on 6th St. back in Austin. College kid party. The music was more hilarious than I’ve ever heard, from Journey to Kid Rock to Salt and Pepa to R. Kelly to Whitesnake. Really. More mixed up that anything, anywhere. We were laughing so hard, and I fell into my joke routine of really bad dance moves that I do when I’m bored, problem being guys were still hitting on us, thinking that’s ‘how we do it’ … They need dance lessons up here. One guy thought he was the white(er) M. Jackson. OMG.

We stayed out all night (finally, every time CD takes us out we’re in bed by 11…) and woke up rather late Saturday morning. I packed us a huge fun and delicious lunch and we went to some sort of park that looked under construction and messy, but had beautiful views and a ton of windsurfers. We ate three inches from the water and succeeded in not getting splashed by any waves. It was past the UW campus (FYI, it’s called You-Dub) and were at the University District light coming back when we noticed there was a street fair, so we checked it out. U-Dist. is like Guadalupe with bars, it’s the main drag for the college. The fair was about 10 blocks long, plus side streets full of food vendors. We didn’t have the camera. It sprinkled a little, and that thing about locals is true – there was not one person over the age of 3 that used an umbrella. It’s all about the hoodie here.

Back home, we got all pretty and headed out to Fado’s, where MK and I enjoyed our “Anniversary Dinner.” That’s right, folks, MK and I will be MARRIED A YEAR next week, and we’re not going to force our 3 guests to take us out to dinner. 🙂 We were actually supposed to meet some people, but didn’t…oh well! We went to Shorty’s to practice a little…then headed home. You understand, of course, that I haven’t posted due to the pain of pinball, my hands were sore with practice and skill, so that’s why it took so long…


And now, the dramatic conclusion you’ve all been waiting for: I lost my first two out of three match, but won the second, then lost the third, by being matched up against the last year’s champion. The first two games were relatively close, but this third girl beat me by about 100billion points. I was super happy to advance that far in a pool of 24. We made a ton of new friends and had shots with the owner and partied like crazy all night. So the experience was worth it, but I am unfortunately not the owner of a pinball machine. MK and I were starving, even though we wanted to see who won, but it took too long, so I probably won’t know until tomorrow who the winner was. They had film crews and news reporters there and one of the girls I talked to was from Austin. That was fun. What is not fun is not knowing you’re being video-taped saying “I’m not playing that last ball, there’s no point, she’s up 300billion points”, and everyone laughing at you. I’m still mad and MK. I did make the guy promise not to open his segment with my little mini fit…

We ate at Hurricane Cafe, the Kerbey Lane of Seattle, with the notable feature of ALL YOU CAN EAT hash browns, I’m betting we’ll make it there with our guests next weekend – who I am more super excited about that ANYTHING, since it’s 24hrs. and two blocks away. They blared Kelly Clarkson last night. Hopefully they’ll have a new CD next time. It was a little loud.

kelly clarkson


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