Blame The Weather

Or the husband, or the exploring, or the city, or the internet…

I miss you guys. I haven’t even been able to barely turn on the computer, I admit it. I haven’t been perusing, exploring, driveling, okay, or anything on the computer lately. Here’s my formal apology for all those lazy posts, to all of you calling asking “What has been going ON!?!?!” I haven’t even checked email (although now that I have, I have plans for tonight!) lately. It’s too sunny, too beautiful, too fun to walk around, too much to do! MK has been bogarting the internet, but is finally hooking up the wifi as I type. Small victory.

We have been gallivanting all over. We played poker, went out to dinner, and are currently in the midst of the Seattle Maritime Festival, which began yesterday with the Seattle Waterfront Neighborhood Chowder Cook Off. For 5 dollars, we get chowder from 20 restaurants all weekend to taste and vote for our favorite. There will also be boating and free tours of the aquarium and harbor. Yipee!

I’ve been keeping up my running, been able to add weights also (it’s sunny from 5am to 9pm, I’m getting in two workouts most days) and in addition to all that MK and I walk everywhere. The only small catch is all this seafood. I’m fairly certain I’d weigh 12 lbs. if I wasn’t trying to scarf down all the deliciousness that surrounds me everywhere I look. We grilled prawns on the roof again the other night, and some kabobs. It doesn’t seem to get any better than this. The waterfront run is so beautiful, I have to say I think it beats Town Lake in Austin. We saw a seal while we were running yesterday. How many of you have had that happen?;)

I forgot to share the great story of the arm wrestling debacle, wherein the dishwasher of the pizza restaurant made $65 or so beating a friend, here’s the proof (I guess we took pictures after all):


I haven’t done the customary, “By the way, I have a blog and your picture is subject to publication at any time” disclaimer, so let’s hope everyone’s cool…

And, in closing, for now, I’d like to let you know that I’ll be back soon(er).

2 thoughts on “Blame The Weather

  1. Glad to see everything is going so great over there. It’s awesome when you get the feeling that you made a choice and you know you made the right one. And if you stop by Tacoma, you can point and say “That’s where Chris’s sister was born!”

    But don’t forget about your precious internet! 🙂

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