Zilker Kite Festival

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this highly anticipated yearly event to you non-Austinites, but Sunday is the Zilker Park Kite Festival (man, everything has it’s own website these days…). I’m pretty sure that I have been every year since I moved to Austin. The park is packed with people, the air full of kites. (It’s also fun to go down the next weekend and count how many kites were abandoned as part of the “tree stronger than string phenomenon”). It’s adorable. If you live in Austin and haven’t been, I highly suggest it! We don’t even have the near-mandatory pack of kids and dogs and still have a blast…


Every year we head out in a big group and throw down a blanket and stare at the sky. Last year we made it in time to see a stupid co-worker an acquaintance in a bikini (?) and the contest for smallest fly-able kite. There are stunt kites and power kites and colored kites, maybe even monkey kites.

However, we’ve never participated! Shocking, I know. This year we made a special trip to Whole Earth Provision Co., one of my favorite store since my NZ trip, and got the “Super Dragon” kite. It defies explanation, I’ll just have to get you some pictures after this weekend.

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