Oops I Did It Again

No, this isn’t about Britney…rather, the little bout of gym at the crack of dawn going on.

CRACK is the right expression here…I’m a little ADDICTED to this whole getting up early. I went to bed early and woke up on time and even hummed a little while I got ready. What is up with that??? I am awake. The past four days, I have accomplished more than since I quit my job. Running errands, WORKING on my book…

Today was Body Pump, and man am I sore. This workout kicks my butt. Each muscle group associates with a song, and you go for the length of the song. It’s a innovative way to lift weight, no matter how used to free weights I get Body Pump always throws me a little.

pump So, my everything is pretty sore…we’ll see if I keep up the good work. I haven’t done the Calendar update since November (slacker!), but I’ll have one tomorrow for February. The funny thing is it’s not all that full, but sure enough, together with the UBER healthy eating, I’ve seen the most dramatic results yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up…


3 thoughts on “Oops I Did It Again

  1. It is very nice if you can get up early. Sometimes I can hear birds singing early in the morning, or feel the fragrance of linden trees (okay, not in this period of year), or watch sunrise in silence, which is always most beautiful moment.

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