I Am From

You should do this, every one I’ve seen is amazing, in realization and alive.

My favorite so far: LitLove

I am from the water, the land, and the sea salt air where the two meet. I am from lobsters and beach houses, running on sand and eating clam chowda. I am from light in my life, from stresses, from the tender hugs of ‘cuddling’ with mom during Lifetime movies. I am from pretending to swim in my toy-box.

I am from fearlessness, determination, and Pleasant View Drive. I am from a room with a slanted ceiling that dad strung with nets for teddy bears. I am from glasses, and braces, and hair down to my knees. I am from my student loans and my books and my loves and my memories.

I am from these keys I type on, their movement recording my insides, making something permanent. I am from the ink of every pen in my collection that moves across every page of every journal, every notebook, every word I write. I am from making stuff up. I am from tea and from wine, from songs and from lyrics, from all of my travels and all of what there is to come. I am from my poor French to my perfect teeth.

I am from yelling and being passionate and from being told to settle down and not settling. I am from embracing all that is wrong with me and all that is wrong with you, from changing and from staying the same, persevering and smiling.

I am from “sucking the marrow out of life” and from Emerson and from Hawthorne. I am from every page that I have read, every book that I have highlighted, every quote that I have remembered. I am from the morning I awake and from the praise I give God with my day.

Where are you from?


5 thoughts on “I Am From

  1. This is very lovely – it’s been so interesting seeing everyone’s versions. So personal and yet profoundly evocative. Thank you also for the compliment! So very kind.

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