Total Eclipse Of The…

Alamo Drafthouse has been one of the best things in Austin to me, always. I have been to movies, Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation, and Mr. Sinus Theatre. I have seen that thing where they get everyone drunk and have them make a movie. I have been to events that sell out weeks in advance.

But nothing, nothing has me prepared for this evening. Having friends that are (deal with it) older than me, and that remember EVERY song of the 80s, I can see why we are all going to the 80s power ballads sing along downtown tonight. I’m not sure anyone even plans to get up and actually do any singing, which is kind of part of the fun. I also mentioned that I’d be willing to go in costume, as I figured this would be de rigueur, only to be laughed at.

I’m not sure about all this. I’ve heard that sometimes the karaoke works, sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll see. Considering I’m not planning to participate – I don’t think I know any of the songs by heart, only bits and pieces, I will content myself with the photographing – is that allowed? – and note taking to provide you all with a detailed commentary.

stuck in the 80s

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