Famous People And Firecrackers

I saw Pete Rose. And that guy from Desperate Housewives. He’s hot. Vegas was a blast, mostly because we were in the finest of company. We enjoyed all you can eat seafood at a trendy restaurant (I ate more oysters than I thought could fit in my belly) and the bottle service that got us on the 65th floor of THEhotel, the newest bar. Not to brag, but it’s nice. One of these people called little old me a FIRECRACKER. I LIKE that one.


It’s not bragging when you did nothing to deserve it, right?

Vegas was completely different this trip from the times I’d been before – my first serious go-in-every-store (especially if you can’t afford it) shopping trip, and also my first venture downtown, the old stuff. That might have been the best part. That or seeing a guy reserve a craps table for HIMSELF at about 9pm, then seeing that he had not moved at 11am the next day. Same clothes, needing a shave. I swear.

And we got to play some craps. It’s way more fun to really gamble than to get stuck sitting at penny slots. So it was a great time, although I felt like a really old lady because I couldn’t stay strong as long as usual and had awful foot and leg cramps. I don’t get it – I’m in my best shape ever, but I was beat. I think we did more than I’ve ever done, especially walking. That’s what happens when you find the $2 24oz. beer bar. It makes you think you’re unstoppable.

We’re off in a few minutes to DC, and I’m a little worried the book isn’t going to make it. We’ll see…


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