In Other News

A saying I like these days…in other news. Because it’s (almost) un-novel-related.


POINT THE FIRST: I just realized why I like Starbucks. And Cafe Caffeine. Whatever – um, when I ask for coffee, and do you have AMARETTO, don’t look at the manager. And when you’re the manager, don’t say “I think there is some almond crap over there.” I will punch you in the mouth. Ask the guy at Austin Java. WITH THE BRUISE ON HIS MOUTH.

POINT THE SECOND: When some one inquires to the general status of a hobby, as in “oh, you write?” or “I didn’t know you SANG…” Don’t answer “Duh. It’s kind of what I DO with my life.” Because if we don’t know that you are world famous for tap dancing or whatEVER, then you shouldn’t act surprised. That’s lame.

eye roll

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