Color Me Maybe You’re Wrong

From the article snippy referenced: (whole thing here: gawker)

We’ve always been unimpressed with the people who trumpet their participation in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which as far as we can tell involves telling everyone you know (usually via your blog) that you’re writing a novel in a month, woohoo, way to go you. Seriously, it’s almost as tiresome as people who think they’re all special for sprinting through five boroughs. Color us not impressed.

Okay. so maybe I have noticed that my mom is the only one still reading my blog, but hey, I won’t brag unless I finish. And I have only found one blog besides mine about this. And, you’re just bragging because gawker makes millions. I’m doing it for the little Vietnamese libraries, jerks. How many books have you written?



3 thoughts on “Color Me Maybe You’re Wrong

  1. Make that three, THREE readers other than mom on your blog. 🙂

    I love people who snipe at NaNoWriMo. Obviously they don’t have a novel in them at all!

    I think it is hilarious that your blog is called Some Go Softly and my other blog (the less sad one about my life outside of miscarriage) is called You Talk Too Softly. Opposites!

  2. Hm. Sure, NaNo is nothing professional or whatever, but hey, there are worse ways of spending one’s free time. What I find funny is the “no biggie” thing about NaNo. Sure, no biggie. Then why hasn’t everyone already written one or two novels? I can’t believe they did, and haven’t bragged about it even once, on a blog or anywhere else! /snickers

    And no shit, Sherlock, but given how many people(*) I know who just –can’t– sprint through five boroughs… uhm, that comment in the ‘article’ made me laugh. XD

    (*) A.k.a: approximatively everyone I know. Yes, that includes the skinny chicks in my class, who find me uber-brave when I take the bike for 20 minutes. ROFL

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