The New Issue

I’m almost done. Not with the word count, but with the story. I busted out about 6000 words in the past day and a half, and realized that that barely puts me half way to the word count goal, and I’ve pretty much told my story. How is this possible? I know that sometimes I’m blunt, but I think I’ve been doing a heck of a job describing the weather, the neighborhood, the drama…I guess the plot is flat. I thought it was going well as it came to me and got better as I wrote, secrets and deceptions just entered as if on their own. I must need more.

So, I’m going to have to either go back in there and spice things up a bit, or well, I don’t know what. Un-do contracted words? Call everyone by their full names? Give them hobbies that require a lot of description? Have them all write letters to their congressmen?

Now accepting ideas for the 20,000 words I’m going to come up short…

By the way, we leave Thursday for Las Vegas, so I need those ideas yesterday. Thanks.

school house rocks

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