Studio 60 vs. 30 Rock

30 Rock is on tonight, and I have plans to be on the couch staring at the TV for it. I’ve read more reviews than I thought possible about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Everyone raves as though it is the best thing that has happened to TV in 30 years.

Problems I have with this show include but are not limited to – Matthew Perry is not funny. You can’t have a show about a sketch comedy and then only show two sketches and they are not funny. The lead actress being scary looking. Too many cast members to remember who does what.

I basically like Amanda Peet, that’s about it. It’s just not funny. Sure, it’s maybe not supposed to be THAT kind of funny. But come on. The writing is sub par. We’ve watched every episode trying to be fair and see why everyone likes it so much, and we end up with so many questions during the commercial break we play “why are we watching this crap” for the following hour.

30 Rock looks so much more promising. Tina Fey is great. I like the idea better. We’ll see how it goes tonight!

30 rock

4 thoughts on “Studio 60 vs. 30 Rock

  1. I don’t know if you have checked Hereos out yet but it is great.

    Studio 60 is basically a dramedy trying to be a comedy trying to be a drama. I like it but you are right the writing is sub par.

    I will also be watching 30 Rock. Have you seen that preview where Tina Fey is wearing a shirt that says, “Dirty Diva” and her cast are all like “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!!”

  2. I don’t think Studio 60 is the WORST show on TV (um, have you see Fashion House?!?! Seriously. How is it even on TV? THE. WORST. ACTING. EVER. The acting is so bad, it distracts you from how bad the writing is. Watch it. You’ll think Studio 60 is awesome).

    I wish I had cable.

  3. OMG! I thought I was the only one that watched Fashion House, lol. Yeah and that show really is that bad, I am also guilty of watching Studio 60 and Santi is right Heroes is good.

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