Shorter And Sweeter?

I loved this copyblogger article that reminds you how much you need to pay attention to detail and make a dramatic statement to make someone care about you.

How about instead of blogging every day – which used to be a litmus test for success – if you can’t do that, you just do something great once in a while? No one really sticks to the daily method if they are awesome – there is just too much going on in life to find the time, if this isn’t your full-time thing. Right?

I tried Friday Fives for two years, Whatever Wednesday ONCE, and tried all this other garbage to reignite the flames here – a new hobby (the cooking crap), teaching about what I know (the yoga crap), the laziest method ever (camera phone photo crap). It’s not working. I just have to do what I best. Stop by when I need to share!

Last weekend in Vegas, in fact, it was SO awesome I couldn’t even concentrate on looking at my phone to tweet something about how awesome it was. I was too busy loving the moment to get away from it to get online. And it felt good. I felt that way at SXSW too. I wanted to be the guy NOT needing to look at his phone. And I felt like I kept it check. And all my friends did too.

Oh, here’s the article for you to check out.

This leads me to wonder if I should try Tumblr – any thoughts? Lately I’m thinking more along the lines of in response to other sites and articles, so it’d be great to just put up a link and my quick thoughts on it.

This space shouldn’t be a burden to bear, so maybe I need to down size. Is that what a move from this blog to Tumblr would be?

And in closing, a picture of all my friends in moustaches:


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