Whatever Wednesday

What a week! Things have been crazy here, so today is a diary day. Got to celebrate a good friend’s birthday with a big night out. She even made us cupcakes. We are spoiled! I love all my friends here!

We went to Brighton for their beach bash, something I’ve been waiting for for THREE years! But, it was snowing! And cold! So I didn’t get to ski full bikini, maybe next year! Unreal, but hopefully some day I’ll accomplish this feat. (Like maybe next weekend at Alta).

We had a great Easter, with quite possibly the best Easter message/sermon I’ve ever heard. Main point: Easter is awesome. Like, literal meaning of the word. Our beliefs are based on the FACT Jesus rose from the dead, Easter is about how THAT HAPPENED. If that’s true, we’re good. At that’s true. Loved it.

It kept snowing and snowing – and we may even get more.

Mainly, my family is good, my health is good, my body is what I want, my house is just getting ridiculously awesome, and everything is wonderful. Nothing could be better. I’m catching up with friends – unreal KE is married and preggers, as is KP, and WB and JB are engaged – so much going on!

Counting every one of my blessings, and looking forward to keeping things going by working harder and harder.


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