Yoga Challenge Update

Each time I stop and restart something, I start from scratch. It’s a weird character flaw.

Anyway, I had started the first few days of that Yoga Challenge, then stopped, then restarted…and wanted to share my thoughts – as the lessons are online and it’d be cool for you to know what to check out if you wanted to give it a try!

Day One of the Yoga Challenge I’ve done now three times. The first time I thought it was dumb. The second time I couldn’t make it through it without pausing since it’d been a while. The third time was after another day that wasn’t challenging and I was fired up and ready to work it.

I don’t love squats OR circling around if I don’t know what I’m dong so by the third time it was easier, I wasn’t trying to stare at the computer monitor (sometimes I hook the laptop to the TV but mostly can just listen from the computer now). It really is a good whole body workout. For fair warning, it isn’t really any type of intro to yoga.

That came on Day Two of the Yoga Challenge. I don’t get why it was suggested as a morning thing, I like it way better late at night, before bed time. The slow breathing practice doesn’t wind me up, it winds me down. It is just breathing. Anyone could do it.

Day Three of the Yoga Challenge was even more funny to me. I think I’d have started with two, then three, then one. The core workout was just what I needed to wake my body up again and not feel like I was struggling with the ideas of yoga poses again.

So maybe try it my way? Since I’ve been doing yoga for a few months and they are the experts I’d just follow their plan. But whatever, just my feedback!

The good new is I’ve kept up with it all, doing even more than one a day if I have time to calm myself down, I’ll do the breathing more often.

I also have added a full weight lifting workout pretty much every other day. Next is getting back on the treadmill, my least favorite thing in the world.


3 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge Update

  1. Did you guys ditch your gym memberships? Or was that a trial or three-month thing? Possibly related, automatically generated thought: I reeeeeally want a rowing machine. 🙂

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