SXSW 2011 Day Three

Here’s what I want to do –  I want to remember this trip forever. I’m going to give it my all (of as much all is left) and give you my in detail play-by-play, and also some thoughts on the SXSW Music Festival over all. I couldn’t have met better people, seen better shows, and enjoyed thinking about the past years and how the event – and my experience of it – has evolved.

PS – as always you can click on pictures to enlarge.


Friday comes in such a sneak attack and you realize SXSW is going by too quickly. I need more free stuff! Beer! Music! Fun! Dancing time! Friday was also the morning of the UT basketball game. My trip to Austin is short and I try to fit a little of everything in – the game was a perfect way to kick off the day. A little BBQ and a Bloody Mary with WB, and we were ready to head back in to the madness.

We walked through 6th again, which every time just set me off and got me all excited. Talk about quality people watching. We popped in Brooklyn Vegan for a quick drink, not even able to make it to the back showcase, so then we headed to Club Deville for the rhapsody music showcase. WB and I met up with AC and some friends to take in Glasser, Deerhunter, Kurt Vile, Small Black, and Ty Segall.

Good Times

We enjoyed free Red Stripe, Jeremiah Weed, and Batter Blasters, pancakes out of a Cheez Wiz looking container. It was hot and sunny, so we ate in the shade of a portapotty. SXSW gets silly sometimes.

Too much Red Stripe?

We went our separate ways, me walking back to Congress to meet KD, eat, and see what the W Hotel was all about – it’s gorgeous but there was no way we were getting in to the party, so we enjoyed the most expensive cocktails of the week in the lobby.

The W Hotel

KD and I inside the Swank

We regrouped and moved over to the East Side – which has more and more venues popping up every year. We spent a lot of time in the ND Studios Windish parties, and they kept getting better.

Chain Gang of 74

and teach that lead singer how to dance a little less contrived. We also saw French Horn Rebellion and Miami Horror but my camera was too blurry and I was just a dancing fool.

We ran back to 6th to end the night at the world’s worst venue, since it isn’t a venue, Friends. But we did get to see Data Rock so it’s all good. I wasn’t in the mood for all the drunkies going nutters but thankfully the music was good and we all just enjoyed the show. What a night!

Data Rock and someone's insane tattoos

BEST OF TIMES: All the boogie dancing.

WORST OF TIMES: Sticky feet covered in everyone’s drinks at Data Rock.

Tweet(s) from that day:

Beer, bbq, bball. It’s all about balance. See you soon music #sxsw

Club default was good yest and is good again today. Free beer, free tans. #sxsw
Eating batter blasters in the shade of a portapotty. New low? #sxsw

Comments: The bigger SXSW Interactive gets, the more I want to spend longer in Austin. When KD started taking me out, it’d be us 5 chicks on a Tuesday seeing a good band, drinking free drinks, and no one else was there. There more I visit with locals that have been going hard the whole week, the more tired they are on Friday, looking forward to wrapping things up on Saturday. That makes me want to be there all week! 4 days doesn’t seem like enough.


4 thoughts on “SXSW 2011 Day Three

  1. The Chain Gang of 74 (remember the dramatic lead singer’s hair?) played before French Horn Rebellion and Miami Horror was right after.

    • First and foremost, I loved that guys hair. I did not like the shirt nor the voice. Second, that guy dancing in front of AB was me! My moves are sick and you will rue the day you called them silly! HAR-HAR-HAR, chk-chk-chk!!!

  2. He did have nice hair. No, you didn’t dance anywhere near as bad as the dude we were picking on. And hey, GO BLOG SOME would you!?!?! Your hilarity would be a gift to the internet.

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