Skiing In The Summer

Did you know it was possible? Here in Park City, which you remember was home to some of the most exciting events in the 2002 Winter Olympics, we have events at Olympic Park. And for those of you that haven’t skied, and maybe some of you that have, it IS possible to ski in the summer!

How you ask? You fly into a pool.

We attended the Festival Of Flight at the Olympic Park this weekend and got to see former and possibly future Olympians ski down the ramps into the pool they use for training. They train in their normal gear, adding a life vest under their coat!

It was really amazing and we were so awestruck we didn’t take too many pictures – but here’s a taste so you get the idea.

For the record, we’re halfway through the non-ski season – can’t believe I thought I was a beach bum and here I am looking foward to snow!


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