Momm! Brother! Here!

FYI – even after those caps, there are many, many more.

MY Momm’s coming! AND my brother! To visit. UTAH.

Unfortunately, half the house is still up to the sills in snow. And it might snow AGAIN. And CH will be all, “It’s sunny in San Diego” and I’ll be all “Dude, YOU’RE WELCOME, I TOLD YOU TO MOVE THERE. BUT STOP TELLING ME HOW AWESOME IT IS, I KNOW”, and Momm’ll be all “KIDS!”

So that should be FUN.

MK prolly needs a drink. I better get on that.

But anyway. So, we’re all growed up. And that’s been on my mind a lot lately. If I pretended my Momm didn’t read my blog, I’d tell you all these thoughts I’ve been having about that. But since she does, I’ll just give her a taste:

I can’t wait to ask Momm some questions. Like, really. Not “Hey, how are you?” but like “DO YOU LIKE US?!?!?!”

No one has three kids and expects them all to be hilarious, right?

With TB on the verge of NUMBER TWO all I can think about is, what if they are so opposite they don’t get along? What if we don’t like him? SB has the bar set pretty high, what if he JUMPS OVER IT? What if he HATES ME? I’ll stop, since those aren’t my kids, but you get my point right?

Kids are weird. We haven’t been around each other and Momm a lot. It will be interesting. One third of the H’s reuniting. In my silly ski town. I hope they do that thing where they think, “not for me, but whatever floats your boat, wherein boat = SKIS OVER FRESH POWDER”.



7 thoughts on “Momm! Brother! Here!

  1. “With TB on the verge of NUMBER TWO…” You are unintentionally hilarious, as I’m sure your parents are well aware. Goober. 😉

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