No Matter What

So help me, we are going to have fun on this Vegas trip. The 12 of us that are for sure are going to go out, see sights, eat food, have fun.

I’m assuming if I just continue to repeat this mantra over and over, it will happen. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE FUN IF YOU’RE WITH ME? RIGHT??

Wanna do yoga at 5am? In a dress and sneakers? On the way BACK from the club? Done.

Wanna sleep until noon, lounge by the pool, eat 7 meals in 7 hours? Done!

If I’m the girl that won’t say no, will make it fun no matter what IT is, then you should be just as determined as me to make the best of anything. You’re my family, you must have a little bit of that in you!

I talked to my cousin and got excited. She’s really looking forward to her first trip to Vegas. And she said, with us, it’ll be fun. Awww. What she doesn’t know is I was about to just show up. Now I’m back in the trying to plan the best trip ever saddle.

As a reminder, if you’ve ever been to Vegas with someone that doesn’t drink, or gamble, or sightsee, let me know what you did…


11 thoughts on “No Matter What

  1. It’s not even about that – I always think I can organize a big group with different interests, then realize MY flaws. Nothing might ever compare to how great our girls trip was!

  2. Oh, nothing will. Ever. I had been to Vegas a dozen times before then. . . and that trip was a whole new experience. I’ll never forget turning and looking out the doors of the lobby to see the sun rise as we returned to our hotel from our night out.

    Seriously. The Killfoils are single handedly responsible for my knowing how to party.

  3. Hey, first of all MK, I’ve LOST weight recently; and secondly, since we’re telling stories, I believe it was Snippy I found passed out on my couch the next morning!

  4. Hehehehehehe, it’s true. I did land on the couch one of those crazy night. *sigh* Good times, good times. I reminisce about that year the same way most people reminisce about college. I love you crazy people.

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