Becoming Utahn: Story Three

Utah is a funny place, make no doubt about it. After living in Seattle, San Diego, and Austin, well, Park City is special. I love my home town, it’s the cool hip island in an ocean of talk about ‘special undergarments’…I’m gonna let you look that one up yourself.

What I will share with you this week (while I’m on vacation!!!!) are some things I’ve noticed about ME here. Your location undoubtedly changes you, I’m proof.

How I Know I’m Becoming A Utahn

  • I have muscles.

I quit working out last summer, and was really burnt out from the effort I’d put in before that. So it’s been a loooong break. I lost all my muscles. But moving to Park City beefed me way up. While bike riding and beach volleyball is fun, I wasn’t really getting a good workout with any sort of activities in San Diego.

But now I shovel snow.

I think real activity/doing things is a better body workout than going to a gym. It’s how we were made. My hard work after a snow storm is (probably only for this year) a super fun thing to me. It’s fun to go out in the snow and come back inside hot and cold and exhilarated all at once.  And I’m ending up with muscles, total bonus. MK too. We get out there after a big storm and clear our decks. Utah is for workouts!


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