Winter Weekend

The Santa suit pub crawl took us all over Park City Friday night.  We might have been to every bar here now! It had only barely started snowing so we figured we were all right. We made some friends and decided to meet them out the next day, but it was starting to snow quite a bit. We made it out to dinner at Shabu, which was a ton of fun. I got talked into trying to ski Sunday, since the storm was really picking up.

MK and I had to go and get my skis, which were being tuned in the Valley. We thought the roads out of our neighborhood weren’t that bad. So we went for the skis. It really started coming down when we hit the Valley. We had left the house at 9am, and it took about an hour to get down and two hours to get back up. Our car held up great, but there were other people out there that must be crazy. I can’t fathom getting in a little car without snow tires or AWD, you really probably needed a 4×4 to be out there. People were skidding out and making us nervous, we took our time.

We finally made it to Deer Valley to meet my friend KS and ski. She was super patient, as of course, I had no ski legs from last year. She was also super patient since she was the awesomest skier I’ve ever seen. She happens to be the SIL of a world famous skier. It was amazing to spend the day out with her. We met MK for an Apres Ski drink, and ended up meeting KS’s hubby AS too. He made it up in time for us to all meet up at the brand new St. Regis resort, after a ride up the 25 MILLION DOLLAR FUNICULAR.

What is that you ask? Wikipedia can tell you here. And then there’s the ton of pictures I took all weekend, there’s one photo of it there.

View the pictures.

It is the ride from the base to the resort. Not sure if it was worth the price tag, but it was a thrilling 2 minutes up or so. We had a snack and decided to hit No Name Saloon for some burgers. That put us home at about 7pm and we had left the house at 9am. We’d shoveled about a foot of snow to get out, and there was over a foot waiting for us when we got home. I already told you about that here.

It was totally worth it for a day out like that, and MK and I skied Monday too.


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