When I Dip You Dip We Dip

So the real point of the drive was, of course, to get to Vegas. It wasn’t that bad of a drive, especially for me since I could sleep. Apparently MK tells me it’s harder when you have to actually do the driving. Getting in to Nevada was cool, the casinos start as soon as they are allowed. Border pics:

And we saw a giant wreck:

Vegas was the awesomest ever (I say that every time, I know). We stayed at the new Planet Hollywood, which was fine even though I would not recommend it. We kept getting in free no waiting in line to clubs at night (must be MK’s dimples) and got to check out a bunch of new bars. We slept most of the day after seeing the sun come up. We upped Red Bull stock considerably. SoCal is officially too small when you see people you know IN VEGAS, but that was cool too.

Sunday we stayed at the Hard Rock. There is nothing in that hotel that is remotely cool, especially since it’s under construction. Here’s one you might not know: the light fixtures have cymbals over them. Real ones. People bang on them NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS. Who’s the idiot that came up with that? Fortunately I passed out and didn’t have to hear it. The bathroom was like a Motel 6, it was so awful.

The only reason we submitted to this torture was all the nonsense we heard about REHAB, the pool party Sundays. So we get down there and walk right in. The line for non hotel guests is, from what we hear, over 2 hours long by noon, and also (by rumor) more expensive than just paying for the room sometimes. So you stay in the junky room, and skip the line.

I’m thinking it’s like a lounge type thing. NOPE. It’s a wild super rock your face off see and be seen party the likes of which I’ve never seen. It made MTV Spring Break look like a snooze fest. They were filming a movie. There were beds in the sand, and cabanas everywhere. There were people freaking making it rain (click for explanation) over the pool. What??? The DJs were the best of the best. Everyone was prancing and dancing and drinking and partying like mad. It was awesome. Really, really awesome.


11 thoughts on “When I Dip You Dip We Dip

  1. Sybo – Really. I mean, come on. I almost fell over laughing. Best part: the people diving in the pool after the money…
    Snippy – Was it great? MK wouldn’t let me stop. 😦

  2. It was kinda crappy. . . but it was the first casino we saw driving from LA to Vegas. . . my gambling addiction forced us to stop. . . and we never actually made it to Vegas. Oops!

    Totally off topic, but I’m heading to Mexico this weekend and for the first time in a long time, sincerely feel like something’s missing without you guys. I think I somehow always thought any trip to Mexico would involve the Bobs and tons of tequila. . .

  3. snip & KK, you guys are always going some place cool…i probably won’t hit mexico now until i’m at least 32, at this rate. and as for san diego, i hear it’s beautiful this time of year.

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