Starting A Commune

Here’s the thing: there’s some company I never want to let go home. We got my brother out here, now I just have to recruit everyone else that I know and love, all the rest of my friends and family. If the beach isn’t your thing, I’ll even consider going where you are. No, wait. It rules here.

I think I’ll start a commune. Or cult. Or whatever. Steal your keys when you come to visit and lock you in the pool room. At least some kind of a thing where we all find a way to be together more often. Getting everyone every once in a while isn’t enough.

Especially now that I know I have to say goodbye to a life-changing experience with my SIL, MM and MK’s cousin BQ. And that I’m stuck wishing I was welcoming KD here tomorrow instead of next week, since she could help me process it all. I could just knock on SB’s door with a wedding/housewarming gift in my hands, with my Mom. But no. We have to do our best to be good on the computer and phone.

So maybe, no cult. Just more phone calls. I’ve got to start small.


11 thoughts on “Starting A Commune

  1. I was with you until you mentioned growing your own food… 🙂 I know how you feel about company leaving too soon! If nothing else, I need company once every month or two, just to ensure the house gets cleaned regularly.

    Btw, those apple pie shot pics cracked me up. Didn’t realize whipped cream was an acceptable public adornment. 😉

  2. If we find some internet business maybe we can afford to buy stuff. This is going to take more thought. Kinda why I’m going with better phone communication first.

    I thought I hid all those pictures? Uh oh. You know Mike invented that shot, right?

  3. I agree that it was life-changing and it is a change I have waited for since my little brother’s birth. I cried from your house well into my first hour of my trip. I was overwhelmed, touched, and deeply greatful for my brother and you! You are an amazing woman and I am thrilled with this new family chapter!! I love you! Talk to you guys soon!
    Your SIL

  4. And with that last comment, this post went from a little kooky, but fun, to completely effing insane. In what universe would I agree to work for a living? Have you not met my husband?

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