Dumb And Dumber

Was filmed in Park City, I understand. My own version of dumb and dumber is skiing beyond my ability, listening to the three that surpass me (BB, TB, MK) and throwing myself repeatedly down many black and double blue runs. I mean, I can do all that now, I know what I’m doing, I know the right way to ski. It clicked, finally. But I knew beforehand that the right way was the way that hurt most, even though it should be easier, because of my crappy knees. So don’t tell my insurance I have a blog, ok? I’m putting off the doctor visit, but I managed to dislocate my knee (dumb) and then SKI the rest of a great day (dumber) on it. There was no way I couldn’t. It was too fun.

So now I can’t feel most of a leg. But I kinda feel badass. Ski season is fast approaching its end and I need to go out with a bang. It might be a bang and a cast, but that’s better than regret. Maybe it’s the sunshine or the new vitamins or even that idea that I can really be happy here, but I am not going to be a quitter. A time-outer, yes. But not a quitter. I’m going to try and get in as many good days as I can this last month we’re here.

As always with our transitions and and adventures our time here has flown by. Thanks to the love and support of my unrelenting therapist TB, I’m well enough again to live large and enjoy the time we have left.

ski therapy

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13 thoughts on “Dumb And Dumber

  1. Your knee, my foot… just stay and we’ll spend the next few months finding the best surgeons in Utah. Maybe if you blog about them, you’ll get a discount. 🙂

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