No Comparison

There are only two things that SomeGoSoftly has in common with Dooce.

1. I have a blog.

2. I now live in Utah.

That’s where that ends. I was painfully reminded recently of the awesomeness that is the first blog ever to cause an uproar. Because hey, I’m in her state. I’m on her territory. I should be so good at blogging by now.


Her blog kinda set the standard other blogs fall short of. She’s got her own Urban Dictionary reference. She’s got ads. An income. Cute custom CSS blog design. I’m making myself jealous.

When Snippy first mentioned to me the big wide world of internet diary blog keeping…I was in a trance. I read some dude she pointed me to that I think wrote a lot about chickens or rabbits, I don’t remember. I read Snippy’s entire site. (At work.) And I read Dooce beginning to end. (Also at work…) I started this site. (Totally at work.)

I put up pictures. I tried to have an interesting life to tell y’all about. I made friends that hate blogs read this site by not calling. I moved around. Well, maybe that wasn’t for the sake of the site but you get the idea. So here I am, in cruise control posting when the mood strikes me, thinking that I can keep the love alive. Without so much as an afterthought.

But my pictures are crappy. And I don’t have cute dogs. OR kids. I’ve got Friday Fives. And we all secretly know that you don’t even find those very amusing. So instead of promising miracles of hilarity, I’m gonna keep being lame over here in my furry warm little internet corner, the niche about zombies and my dorky life. I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, so thanks to you (family and four friends that hit refresh 30 times a day) for your continued support.


10 thoughts on “No Comparison

  1. Yeah. . . well, I asked the guy to marry me years ago and he made all sorts of crazy demands that I fully agreed to, and we still never got married. I’ve been boycotting his stinkin’ blog. Boo.

  2. You can see when I hit refresh?? Can you also see the draft comments that I delete? Shit, now I’m going to have to use scratch paper.

  3. I can’t SEE you hitting refresh – I’m just guessing there aren’t really hundreds of people stopping by every day…and that face is part of the theme, it’s been there as long as I’ve used this theme…you crack me up.

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