Lamest Of The Lame

That was a Garbage song reference. Things that I have to do aren’t things I want to do.


Five Things I Promise Not To Do With My Bluetooth:

1. Wear it outside the car
2. Use it outside the car
3. Let you see it unless I’m driving
4. Get pulled over in CA (one positive)
5. Use in states I don’t need it

Seriously, the rule is dumb for people that don’t WANT these things. Driving with the corded one was too hard so we broke down and got one headset, to share. I drove better just using the phone normal style. It’s totally freaking lame and to top it all off we look like THAT GUY now, not by choice.




2 thoughts on “Lamest Of The Lame

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I detest my bluetooth. I only got it because I DID get pulled over. Talked my way out of the ticket but figured I better join the masses of glowing ears!

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