Enough Is Enough

There’s the fact that we move a lot. There’s that. But really? For me to tell you about the first two times a while back, and then for the fire alarm to go off tonight, well that’s just crazy. Twice as scary with all the fires actually happening in California right now. Three times as mad with MK sick in bed.

What I don’t understand is why the fire bells can’t ring at, say, 2pm. When we have our faces and clothes on, not our zit cream and pjs. This is the third time, all three at night. There’s only one explanation – someone is following us all over the Earth pulling alarms to check out our pjs. So please, stop it. We’re both kinda grumpy when we don’t get our sleep, especially when some of us think we’re on our death beds.

fire alarm

I also shudder at the thought one of these is ever real and we laugh and keep playing UNO.


3 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough

  1. The alarm in my old apt was one of those industrial job’s loud enough to be heard 3 states away, on top of that it had a strobe light so that deaf peole can be alerted …. it went off one morning at about 4…..Needless to say I needed new PJ’s !

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