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Every typical morning, I get up, have breakfast, and drive to the surf lot. I run the beach from there up to Crystal Pier, take the stairs, and run the boardwalk until it ends at Mission Bay. There’s quite a few things I see almost every morning you might like.

The Pigeon Guy – Some dude and his buddies hang out in the van he presumably lives in parked by the boardwalk. He feeds the pigeons and seagulls in such a manner that they fly into his seat and all over him and the sidewalk and his buddies. It’s completely bizarre.

The Frisbee Guy – On my later in the day trips there’s a regular out in front of Lahaina’s with those earmuff radio type headphones that runs around doing jumps and forward rolls while throwing frisbee’s into the wind, to himself. He’s popular.

Rollerblader – There are usually a few people on skates or rollerblades that are no big deal, but one chick in particular is 7 feet tall, always wearing spandex, and brings her own cones to do tricks. Nice.

Hot Guy Factory –  There’s some kind of surf shop that I think engineers it’s employees – you never see the same guy twice, but there’s always a surfer dude outside having morning coffee and/or cigarette, looking fantastic. Killer.

Sleepy Singer Shirtless Bum – This guy is usually around our neighborhood, but I think since it’s warming up he’s been on the beach lately. He lives out of a shopping cart and is the happiest man ever. He has his own TV that he finds places to plug in. And he’s got a great tan.

Hecklers – There’s usually a renter or two in the beach houses up way too early for how much they drank before, laughing about how much they drank and how they’re on vacation and some people around there are working out.

Builders – There are always places being worked on, but I can’t figure out when it happens, since no matter what time I get there, they are on break. I guess that’s a typical stereotype though.

crystal pier

There’s a lot more, the people drinking their breakfast, the tourists, the lifeguards, the cruiser bikers, the old guy that walks with his ski poles. MK can’t figure out why I love going to run there so much – by the time I’m done people watching I’ve run all morning.


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