How To Write A Novel In 3 Days

Keep in mind this advice only gets you as far as I get for the rest of the day, I’m right down to the wire…that might not be a whole novel, maybe just most of a novel. that this is the advice of an expert, and I wouldn’t really advocate any of this, seeing as I can only barely feel my fingertips now.

  • Shower when you’re stuck for an idea. It’ll make you creative.
  • Find someone else to cook for you.
  • A way to record your progress that motivates you to keep it going.
  • Loud music.
  • Specific & measurable goals. Like three days, 40000 words.
  • A reward schedule for making said goals.
  • Write things down on paper if they don’t fit. They might later.
  • Bad weather helps.
  • Someone losing their memory. I should have used that.
  • Wrist pads. Which I did not have, and regret.
  • Sugar free Red Bull.
  • Cashews, or snack of choice that you shouldn’t be having.
  • Lucky socks.
  • Eye drops.
  • Desperation.

NANO TOTAL:nano_07_winner_large.gif
NaBlo Day 29: Check.


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