Uphill Battles

You might have noticed, unlike last November, I’m not talking very much about my writing. This book, which I’m fine saying is my second, is good. I have no idea where it came from, but I like it. While my first sits around collecting dust and rejection letters, I’m proud to not give up on either. I have two more days to finish about 30,000 words. And I’m going to try. I can average over 1,000 words an hour if I’m focused. I get focused every two hours or so. I might make it. You never know. Even if I don’t, I’m going to finish this one and send it out into the same world of depressing no thank yous.

It’s getting to be kind of funny. I never dealt well with rejection and now I’m learning first hand what it’s like to put yourself out there and get let down. You have to believe what you’ve done is good, is worth it, and know that you’ll find success, that trying isn’t failing.

I want to catch up on life and tell you my stories and call my family and friends, but everything is put on hold while I try to bust this out. I don’t want to be a quitter. I’ve done that before too- it’s time for the new me to get to work. I’ve got to sell 1000 books if I want to get us a house out here anyway. Can’t burn out before number 2.


NANO TOTAL: 20037 words. (!)
NaBlo Day 27: Check.


7 thoughts on “Uphill Battles

  1. Don’t give up. I’ve heard stories about all the times John Grisham and J.K. Rowling were passed over for book deals.

    It only takes one yes!

  2. Good luck. I’m nearing my finish, though my book is crap, I think. 😛 But the next one I have planned could have some real potential, as long as I plan it out and edit it well, I think.

  3. So, I’ve been glancing at your progress. Then I look at mine. Then I wonder if I could write 40k words in so few days. Then again, I don’t wish to try.

    Maybe I’ll have time when I move to Canada in a few weeks, sitting around without a job waiting for my permanent residency to be approved. Maybe.

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