Vacation At Home

Returning to Austin after 7 months or so felt a little strange. It was also the best ever, since right after we got off the plane we were eating Barbecue. And calling MK to rub it in his face. I got off the plane with this excitement and uncertainty. I was in a place I knew so well, that wasn’t really my home any more. My friends, family, and as a matter of fact my furniture may all be there, but I was just a visitor.

We went out for a nice dinner with the MIL and PH and my family. Barbecue again. Mmm. And perfect iced tea and all that good stuff. We ran some errands and time was flying by but I managed to make it out for some delicious margaritas at Polvo’s. I appreciated so much that everyone knew I only had the one night to see them and made the effort to come out in the middle of the week. It hit me so hard that all my friends are there and I’m not, and they’re surviving just fine without me. We went and saw a show and said our I miss you’s and our see you again soon’s. I’ll be ready to book the pirate ship.

The next morning was great as I got a good run in and enjoyed the weather and environment before we set out to Wimberley. My aunt got us an incredible 5 bedroom mansion to spend our time in:


and we got to eat more good food and I got to have 2 sleepover parties with my mom and cousin. Aww. I think my aunt had a good birthday, and since that was the purpose of my trip (to make sure she did!) I’m glad. My mom uncle and grandma might be the most hilarious people I’ve ever met, and I think if outsiders saw our family engage in a battle of Cranium they might die laughing. It flew by and I was sad to leave, but I had other important parties to attend…

NANO TOTAL: 12614 words.
NaBlo Day 24: Check.


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