Ambitious Driver

California flew by us. We had to find a home. We did stop, of course, at various parts of the Redwood National Forest. It was out of season, but I have to tell you that even IN season, I don’t think that the park was even close to anything we saw in New Zealand. It didn’t seem very well organized. The signage was more about who donated money to preserve the trees than you learning anything. Boo.

The best part was the Avenue of Giants. Where you just drive surrounded by the giant tress. I also thoroughly enjoyed driving our car through a tree. Twice. My car enjoyed it too. It told me. It was nervous because it barely fit, but was excited once it was all over. Right.

Here are those pictures.


NANO TOTAL: 1127 (extremely offensive) words.
NaBlo Day 2: Check.


2 thoughts on “Ambitious Driver

  1. Those signs shouldn’t be a surprise. The Left Coast is more concerned with the appearance of effort than any actual results of those efforts.

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