Until I get you all the pictures and stories of my trip and my new home, my great view and all the general goodness, this should do:

red sox world series


31 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. Two boys are playing hockey on a pond in Central Park when one is attacked by a rabid Rottweiler.

    Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his stick, wedges it down the dog’s collar and twists, breaking the dog’s neck.

    A reporter who was strolling by sees the incident, and rushes over to interview the boy. “Young Rangers Fan Saves Friend from Vicious Animal,” he starts writing in his notebook.

    “But I’m not a Rangers fan,” the little hero replied.

    “Sorry, since we are in New York, I just assumed you were,” said the reporter. “Yankees Fan Rescues Friend From Horrific Attack” he continued writing in his notebook.

    “I’m not a Yankees fan either,” the boy said.

    “I assumed everyone in New York was either for the Rangers or Yankees. What team do you root for?” the reporter asked.

    “I’m a Red Sox fan,” the child replied.

    The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes, “Little Bastard from Boston kills Beloved Family Pet.”

  2. Oh, oh, oh, I got one:

    The last time the Red Sox won the World Series:
    George W. Bush was president,
    Gas was over $2 a gallon, and
    the New England Patriots were the best team in football.

    Oh, wait……..

  3. On the first day of school a first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Yankees fan.

    She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Yankees fans.

    Wanting to impress their teacher, everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.

    The teacher looks at the girl with surprise,

    “Janie, why didn’t you raise your hand?” “Because I’m not a Yankees fan,” she replied.

    The teacher, still shocked, asked, “Well, if you are not a Yankees fan, then who are you a fan of?”

    “I am a Red Sox fan, and proud of it,” Janie replied.

    The teacher could not believe her ears. “Janie, why pray tell are you a Red Sox fan?”

    “Because my mom is a Red Sox fan, and my dad is Red Sox fan, so I’m a Red Sox fan too!”

    “Well,” said the teacher in a obviously annoyed tone, “that is no reason for
    you to be a Red Sox fan. You don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mom were an idiot and your dad were a moron, what would you be then?”

    “Then,” Janie smiled, “I’d be a Yankees fan.”


    Four baseball fans – a Cubs fan, a Cardinals fan, a Red Sox fan, and a Yankees fan – are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves his team more.

    The Cubs fan insists he is the most loyal. “This is for the Cubs!” he yells, and jumps off the side of the mountain.

    Not to be outdone, the Cardinals fan shouts, “This is for the Cardinals!” and throws himself off the mountain.

    The Red Sox fan is next to profess his love for his team.

    He yells, “This is for everyone!” and pushes the Yankees fan off the mountain.


    A Red Sox fan liked to amuse himself by scaring every Yankees fan he saw strutting down the street in an obnoxious NY pinstripe shirt. He would swerve his van as if to hit them, then swerve back just missing them.

    One day while driving along, he saw a priest. He thought he would do a good deed, so he pulled over and asked the priest, “Where are you going, Father?”

    “I’m going to give Mass at St. Francis church, about two miles down the road,” replied the priest.

    “Climb in, Father. I’ll give you a lift!” The priest climbed into the passenger seat, and they continued down the road.

    Suddenly, the driver saw a Yankees fan walking down the road, and he instinctively swerved as if to hit him. But, as usual, he swerved back onto the road just in time.

    Even though he was certain that he had missed the guy, he still heard a loud THUD. not knowing where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn’t see anything.

    He then remembered the priest, and he turned to the priest and said, sorry Father, I almost hit that Yankees fan.”

    “That’s OK,” replied the priest “I got him with the door.”

  4. That’s why I hate Red Sox fans. They derive more pleasure from the failures of the Yankees than the successes of their own team. It’s a really sad small-time mentality. Enjoy your 7th World Series while the Yankees fans remember our 26 previous wins, eh?

  5. That’s been my experience SomeGo. It’s a generalisation but I’d say it’s true for more than it’s untrue for.

    What’s worse is the “Everyone vs Yankees” mentality that seems to be everywhere. Being English most of my early exposure to baseball was through the Yankees.

    However the assumption is I must follow the Yankees because they dominate the sport. If that were true I’d be a Pats fan instead of a suffering Eagles fan…

  6. To paraphrase, zero World Series championships and a turnstyle clubhouse in the past seven seasons says otherwise. To talk about Yankee success, you’re having to talk further and further into the past.

  7. “Seven seasons” is an arbitrary figure picked by Red Sox fans to claim superiority over the Yankees. A decade is the universal measure of sporting dominance.

    Over period the Yankees have won three World Series championships, the Red Sox two. However the Yankees boast 5 pennants over the same period to the Red Sox 2. End of story.

  8. No, a decade is nearly as arbitrary. It’s picked by you just to fit your argument. Plain as that.

    Also, it’s become quite obvious that the Yankees organization is falling apart. It’s become commonplace for Yankee fans to talk about rings in the past, since their present team is going nowhere. When you talk about past championships, you’re only admitting that you do not have a bright future. No one cares about who won what before anyone on this blog was born, no one cares about what happened between 2000 and 2003. All that matters is that as of this second, the Boston Red Sox are a much better team AND organization than the New York Yankees.

  9. Actually a decade is in no way arbitrary. In the NFL the 49ers are often called the “Team of the 80’s”. Likewise the Cowboys the “Team of the 90s”. So the precedent is there.

    You can say “no one cares about what happened between 2000 and 2003” but that’s part of the current decade. At the moment the Yankees are still the dominant team of the decade.

    You’re probably correct that the Yankees future doesn’t look at all good and at the end of this decade the Red Sox may well be the dominant force. To borrow from your phrasing, however, “as of this second” the Yankees are the dominant team of the decade.

    SomeGo: As I said earlier, much of my early exposure to baseball was Yankees games. If you see the same team more regularly than the others it helps, and we don’t get anywhere near as much baseball on TV as you do.

    Secondly for me “picking” a sports team is a bit of a misnomer. It implies a one-way relationship but I see it more as a two-way one. The “right” team makes you passionate about them. The Yankees did that.

    I was in love with all things New York at the time, giving serious though to emigrating, and it was the Mets or the Yankees. Having watched both, although admittedly more of the Yankees than Mets, it was an easy “choice”.

    Perhaps the history leaned me in that direction too. As someone who had to “learn” the game by researching it, rather than being “brought up” in it, as you were, my reading probably shaped my feelings.

  10. It’s a precedent that it’s arbitrary, hehe.

    Not quite. When you say “the” decade, that context implies 2000 and on. In that span, they have won one World Series championship, the Red Sox have won two. If you change your wording to say “the dominant team of the past decade”, that’s a bit different.

    However, I will say the Yankees are the most storied franchise in all of baseball. Their past is the brightest, they have won the most championships, and they have had the most great players. The thing is, all that history meant absolutely nothing this year, and will continue to be just that, history, into the future. So you can go on and root for the Yankees, and I’ll go on and root for the Red Sox, and all I have to say is, may the best team win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. History means nothing, and right now the Sox are playing better baseball. That’s a fact.

    To be fair even if we take the decade to be “since 2000” the Yankees have made postseason every season. They’ve dominated the regular season, our problems have been postseason.

    For all the big salaries they choke. And so long as they continue to do so success will be something relegated to Yankees history.

    I echo your sentiments. May the best team win.

  12. Yeah, that’s the thing, and exactly how A-Rod is so much like the Yankees as a whole–great regular season, poor postseason. Daisuke Matsuzaka had more RBIs in four at-bats than A-Rod did this postseason.

    The problem is, they’re dominant, but only when you use qualifiers like “regular season” and “appearances.” Don’t get me wrong, they’re a very good team and way above most other teams. But they’re now just a shadow of the empire that once stood in the Bronx.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. The Red Sox could well go on to forge an empire of their own, and even dominance of New York may come and go as the Mets look better each season.

  14. this seems to be the most popular posting ever! gotta love the yank/sox rivalry for sure. i think it stems from the fact that most people for some reason hate both NY’ers AND Bostonians. so the 2 cities bond by hating each others baseball teams. makes sense to me.

  15. I’m no baseball fanatic, though my husband is. I’m also nowhere near being an expert on the game or any of the teams. It seems to me though, that the Yankees current problems stem from an all-star team mentality. They’ve used their money (gained from their star-studded past) to pick up the best of the best players. While that seems a good strategy on the surface, one has to look a bit deeper at the big picture to put together a cohesive team. To paraphrase the movie miracle (different sport, same principle) it’s not about having the best players, but the right ones.

  16. BunGirl’s spot on actually. I wonder if, given that, A-Rod choosing not to renew his contract may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Especially if he goes to the Mets and creates the same problems in their locker room…

    I still say signing him was the start of the decline for the Yankees and like Craig said I suspect it’s because he personifies what’s wrong with the current team.

    Between the Yankees and Eagles I’m in for some serious pain in the coming years…

  17. What I love about Yankee fans is there willingness to change their mind. usually you hear “26 World Series Rings”. Now, when someone points out that the Yankees are not quite what they were, the Yankee fan switches to “7 pennants in 10 years”.

    What I hate about Yankee fans is that they tend to be smug, monosyllabic, cheesy mustached, profane, and willing to ignore the harm their franchise and its egomaniacal owner have done to baseball.

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