Western Washington Weekend

Last weekend MK took me on a great big drive from Seattle up into the Olympics. It was beautiful. The weather wasn’t great but the rain held off during the day and we were able to do some really great hikes. We stopped first at Lake Crescent, where FDR stayed when he made it a National Park. We did a short hike to the Marymere Falls.

We saw the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the few true temperate rain forests in the world.


We hiked the famous Hall of Mosses Trail and the Spruce Nature Trail. There were just incredible trees and plant life everywhere. We had stopped at Rialto Beach but it was very wet and foggy – there’s a couple pictures of it, the black sand/rock was neat. We saw some sort of seal there…

We spent the night in fabulous Forks, at the motel. That in itself was an adventure…but it was a ‘quaint’ little town. The next day we drove out to the coast and started to really see some more beach. The second day was much clearer. Each beach is named something silly- most memorable were “Beach 1” through “Beach 4”. We made a ton of stops at each little place and made little walks to the water. It was beautiful everywhere.

Our last little hikes on the way out were to see the largest Cedar and Spruce trees in the WORLD!!! (or something). On our way back, we stopped in Olympia to say we’ve seen the capitol. I understand why no one lives there… *yawn*.

Here are the (obnoxiously too many) pictures.

And here’s my super high end map of our journey:



2 thoughts on “Western Washington Weekend

  1. Sounds like a blast. I need to make a trip back up to Seattle and hike up Rainier and around to the other places. Hope all is well. Thanks again for letting me crash at the pad. I had a blast.

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