August Tally

Too many visitors and vacations are getting in my way again (still). My new resolution is to not treat it as an excuse for bad food and drinking any more. That might work for people when it’s only once every so often, but we’re not like that, there’s always something going on. I am also going to start trying to permanently logging my miles, I made 34 last month (since I only ran 8 days that’s not bad.)

Final stats on the Calendar of Progress:

  1. I used those ankle weights all the TIME. If the gym was busy I used them for upper body lifting as well. I could watch tv and lay on my side, etc. They are awesome and I’d recommend them to everyone who thinks they are too tired to work out. I’m done trying to lose weight, since I did squeeze my butt into size 0 pants (but didn’t buy them haha). Now it’s all about tone.
  2. I am still running long routes, but the timing was hard with my parents visiting at the beginning of the month and Mexico at the end. In other news, my parents have been walking every day, drinking and eating out less too!! It’s exciting when you rub off on other people around you. (I’m assuming that one).
  3. In Mexico I drank strictly banana margs to get my fruits 😉
    I found I was not drinking enough water so I’m getting back up on that.
    I also have started taking a giant horse pill of a multi vitamin every day.

Things are looking good and keep looking better!


2 thoughts on “August Tally

  1. Good luck. I use to run, and would still like to work out. I just can’t find the time with a three year old running around the house demanding attention.

    On the plus side, a family member once asked how I got my shoulders in such great shape. I responded, “Have you met my daughter?”

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