Outdoor Adventures

Ever since we got to Washington, we’ve seen the out-doorsy. Even more than Texas, where I couldn’t believe how out-doorsy people were when I moved there. In TX, you run around the highways, in WA, you’re on them. So since we really need to keep up with these guys, and since we haven’t left the house since we took my parents to the airport, MK and I



It sounds like So! Much! Fun! right?

Well, we get in our little tandem hoopty ride, and we set off. In the wrong direction. After scooting ourselves to the lily pond area (finally!), I realize we are directly under a giant freeway that I have not had siesmically tested. I *might* have panicked, just a little. Silly, I know. I got better. We saw a heron.

We were out all afternoon, spying on the little duckies and such. It was tough going, against the tide and all that. And in a harbor, with giant yachts. That splashed you. I just realized my arms are really tired…

This is a stock photo, we decided not to bring the camera. No one really wants to see how I had to do all the work…


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