Didn’t See Coming

There are quite a few things that I experienced at the baseball game Saturday that I was surprised by. The Red Sox winning for the first time at Safeco Field, well, that’s because Mom and Dad were there.

But the 38 ceremonial first pitches? I’ve never been to the beginning of a game. They’re long. I had no idea that more than one person per game throws a ball for no reason. Especially since they weren’t famous people.

Barry Bonds hit the tying home run on his mission to record break. I didn’t expect the entire crowd to boo louder than if they’d put Bin Laden’s picture up. The footage ran on all the screens twice and the crowd was quiet at first, then couldn’t let everyone else know loud enough the distaste they think of Bonds with.

People NOT watching the game was a little obnoxious too. I know in the cheap seats they’re there for the ‘rally fries’ but we had some super primo seats and those people are just there for seat fillers.

Then, post game, what do people do? Go to sleep. Not us, but people do. Silly baseball.



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