Feet Things

Some people hate feet. I like feet. Well, my feet, and nice feet. As with my hands, which I was once told prove a sheer lack of physical labor in life (which I’m okay with) my feet are kept in the best shape possible. Both are frequently manicured. I think it’s important. I’m attentive to put my best feet forward, if you will, especially in summer and open toed shoes.


My running and walking around the city has been impeded by the issues I’m having. Despite changing shoes and socks, and other tips, the more you’re on your feet…well, eew. I lost a nail, gross. I’ve got old and new overlapping blisters. Yuck. So I’m taking a break to cure my little piggys, and I’m stuck doing sit ups and wearing whatever hides whichever blemish is most notable.

And I’m depressed. Summer is for showing off pedicures, not bathing in ointments. And I’m not exactly a marathon runner yet, so who knows what that will look like. I guess at least you know you’re working hard if you’re trashing yourself.

running feet

One thought on “Feet Things

  1. during the time in my life when i was running a lot, one time the entire piece of skin off of the bottom of my left foot peeled off. now that was beautiful.

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