Worth At Least The Matinee

In between all our vacationing, we checked out Die Hard and Transformers. I have to post about this since I know that you consult me on the ways of pop culture before you do anything.

You should go see Die Hard.

I’ve never actually seen a single Die Hard. I must have dated a lot of wussy men, considering everyone I tell that to seems SHOCKED…I also don’t particularly have any love for Bruce Willis. The character I do love is Justin Long’s. He’s cute. It is a boy movie, and has all those elements, a hot chick, fight scenes, plenty of blowing stuff up. What it ALSO features that most of these dude flicks I am forced to watch don’t is a watchable, understandable plot. A cameo from Kevin Smith, and I’m in love. I was interested in the whole thing, beginning to end. I’d go see it again.

On the other hand, Transformers I’ll give a B-. It couldn’t have been more cheesy or made less sense. But you still need to see it, since more people are talking about Optimus Prime than Paris Hilton. It is what it is. I just wish Michael Bay would have found someone with a brain to watch this thing and explain the parts they left out and the obvious questions they forgot to answer. Everyone walking out was talking about the same things. For me, the best part was the previews…they’ve got the movie world abuzz.


“I prefer the cartoon look myself…”

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