Lincoln Park

I know, I know, I started singing silly songs too…but it’s beautiful, a park in west Seattle on the water with at least 50 tables and cookout spots.

lincoln park

That’s what we did today. I would live in West Seattle forever, if I could. The neighborhood is so…neighborhood-y, in a good way. I would need a dog, of course, or two.


One thought on “Lincoln Park

  1. or you could just get a dog that is too young to be away from it’s mother, take it out into the intense sunny situation of the day, and then try to be cute when your little pup is too tired and dehydrated to follow you any farther. you know, just talk to it and chuckle lightly when it won’t get up. maybe put your hands up and shrug with the most genuine smile you can muster so that everyone knows just how silly that little tot is being. you could say things like, “are you going to make me carry you, shadow?” or “i WISH we could be lazy all day roofus, but I have some crack to pick up before I start to itch incessantly.” it’s sure to get some attention with the neighborhood folks. we all know how people swoon for the guy with a cute puppy stolen from the litter before it could it eat solids.

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