Visual Learner

There are tons of work out magazines around my place. I always think that I will learn some new moves from them. But there’s one small problem. I don’t get it. There’s a big page of instructions with pictures and words, and I read, and reread, and read out loud, and try to imitate. I can never make sense out of what they are trying to do. I end up pulling something and throwing the magazine and pulling something else doing that, it’s not pretty.

Well, I sure like the show Work Out. After seeing last week’s episode, I checked out the website and the blogs and forums for the show, and found videos that they’ve posted of many of these moves that I can’t make sense out of. The internet has done it again.

Here’s the link to the videos if you’re interested. Sometimes they take a little while to load. Of course, you can always search on YouTube too, but those results were slightly more questionable. I thought it was pretty helpful. Or, if you’re good with magazines, let me know. You can have mine.


One thought on “Visual Learner

  1. Speaking of Work Out, the season finale is on tonight, and Bravo is running all the episodes today leading up to that. Did you know that the super-hot gay trainer Doug DIED?! Not sure what happened there, but I’ll be glued to the set tonight to catch up on the goings-on at Sky.

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