Letter To Barbara Walters

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, well, since TB and I had our first discussion about it. Being someone who is at home or at the gym in the morning, I have on occasion taken in episodes of The View. It was that train wreck phenomenon, I knew I shouldn’t but was inexplicably drawn to the nonsense. I never loved Rosie O’Donnell- on her own show, liking Tom Cruise, being gay, being loud. And she’s leaving. Then, that little spunky Elizabeth Hasselbeck is soon going on maternity leave. Did you know she did Survivor?

Anyway, who does that leave Barbara with? Joy Behar. David Letterman can tell you what that’s going to be like:

I thought that was pretty funny. Well, I just wanted to announce to Barbara that I’ll go if they do national tryouts…otherwise I’m suggesting Victoria Beckham and Whoopi Goldberg. 😉


3 thoughts on “Letter To Barbara Walters

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