Why I Blog

This is another meme, this time from snippy

I started my blog because she did. I saw hers and liked what I saw, what it was all about. Santi, too. I thought it’d be a fun hobby, a way to chronicle my book writing, and I even gave my mom the link, so it turned in to a way to let my family and friends know what I was up to. I have more readers and subscribers than I ever imagined, and really try to provide fun content. Not working gives me the time, and all the fun adventures I’ve had, New Zealand and SXSW and others, have made this little site a great spot for memories.

It has turned into something so much bigger, a platform to analyze my feelings, learn what others feel about issues, and a dashboard to all the other bloggers that I can see and learn from. It’s a whole new community for me that I’ve loved learning about.


I’ll just tag santi, iced mocha, and blindeh on this one!


3 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I started blogging to vent my frustrations at all the bulls*** in the world, thinking it would somehow be cathartic. Then I starting seeking out bulls*** to get frustrated by & blog about. I am a victim of my own success…

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