This Is It

Well, we’re all ready to go. Everything is packed. All that’s left tomorrow is a little laundry and cleaning, and we’re out of here.

It’s a strange feeling…I never planned to stay in Austin, it was always just temporary, for college. Little did I know I’d make such amazing friends, meet the love of my life, become so close to his friends, and my family that is here. Now we’re leaving. I’m excited and sad at the same time.

We had the greatest dinner last night at the County Line, laughing and chowing, drinking and chowing. I’ll miss the bbq! I’ll miss the great company of TB and BB. Tonight we’re heading over to Hula Hut, despite the nasty weather, to say our goodbyes to everyone else. You’ll be at the mercy of the phenomenal guest blogger, thestandin. I promise to carefully chronicle our road trip and the great stories I’m sure we’ll have from our weekend in Denver, our night in Boise, and our first impressions of Seattle. When I wake up, after a long nap. Thank you all for your well wishes, your continued support of my little blog here, and everything else. I’ll talk to you in a week!

waving goodbye


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