Cry Babies

Don Imus is an old guy. With a radio show. Well, he used to be.

Who hasn’t called someone a ‘nappy headed ho’? I can get a little nappy when I go running. It’s normal. White or black, you can be nappy, and ho-y. Sheesh, men can be hos. I’d like to list the crybabies for you:

  • Steve Capus, NBC News division President
  • Bruce Gordon, former NAACP President
  • The Rev. Al Sharpton
  • The Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • American Express Co.,
  • Sprint Nextel Corp.,
  • Staples Inc.,
  • Procter & Gamble Co.,
  • General Motors Corp. — all pulling ads from Imus’ show indefinitely.
  • Edited-to-add Head On, per comments.
  • reporter Ron Allen
  • “Today” show’s Al Roker
  • Barack Obama
  • Hillary Clinton (right after Obama)

Obama? Seriously? Everyone gets all up in arms about something that wasn’t even meant to be heard. Does it particularly suit their cause to take a stance? Mistakes happen. The less we pay attention, the less they will happen and become offensive. I’m a severe proponent of ignoring things and letting them go away since the first airing of the episode of South Park that made me see that overusing a swear word takes away it’s sting. Feeding into anything makes it worse. The more sensitive we become to stupid remarks, the more they sting. It’s a bandwagon, and people crying are telling us they are on the side of ‘moral fiber’. I’m not racist. I have more moral fiber if I ignore it and move on, maybe donate to charity.

Imus does some good, too: As of 9 a.m., $450,000 had been pledged. Last year’s Radiothon raised a total of $2.9 million for the three charities — Tomorrows Children’s Fund, CJ Foundation for SIDS and the Imus Ranch.

If we all had to think before we did things, I might never have gotten married, bought those super cool sunglasses, or published this ‘insensitive’ post.

This is not the first time he’s made off color remarks. Here’s a couple interesting articles:



Pass the Word

Click the picture thumbnail to see Hillary’s website:


Should he have been fired? I don’t think so.

Rutgers girls are even over it now. So why all the fuss?

9 thoughts on “Cry Babies

  1. i have a lot of friends who blog, and you are the first one to even touch this subject. i think everyone’s staying away from it because its such a clusterfuck.

    …i actually just wrote out a big logical reponse to you in disagreement…but i don’t particularly want to get involved in it either because i don’t really care.

    however, i will point out that, according to Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the first company to revoke it’s advertising contract because of the Imus kerfuffle was Head-On. YES. The product with the most annoying commercial in advertising history decided that Imus constituted too negative of an association….wow. when Head-On backs out, you know you’re fucked.

  2. I’m a puff blog, never controversial, but I thought jumping in on this one would be fun. I listened to him as a kid. I’m surprised to hear you disagree. But thanks for the tidbit, that’s hilarious!!

  3. surprised? well, ok….here’s my basic premise.

    The right to free speech includes the right to offend. the right to offend comes with consequences which you defacto concede when you make the offense. as such, he is burdened with the responsibility of representing the people who have made his show possible, including those who participated in its discoures. to that extend he is only empowerd to be on the air as long as they empower him to be there. in this case, given Imus’ history, and the level to which he raised his show through an impressive guest list and socio-political discourse, the offense was beyond that which we generally accept from a serious news show (unless you’re parent company is owned by Rupert Murdock….then it’s just fuck all). i expected that people would just stop particpating, his ratings would go down, a handful of advertisers would bail, and Imus in the morning would shrivell in importance (the same way Fox News has). You don’t get to be both a serious news person and comedic hack at the same time….the successful personalities who do this are actually funny (Maher, Sterwart, Colbert), and either accept the consequenes of their statements up front (ie. Maher gets fired and then rehired by HBO), or never claim to actually be new shows, even though they may be just as informative (Stewart, Colbert)…the difference between the latter two and Imus is that they have carefully crafted characters on screen that act as a buffer for this kind of personal retribution.

    in the end it’s unclear that Imus is a racist – how does one sensible gauge what is a “racist?”…but he sure said some stupid things, and deserved the consquences given the image he has crafted for his show (THIS above all else is the key point to keep in mind).

    were the Rev. Jackson and Sharpton hypocrites and out of line? yup. but that’s a point for another post.

  4. I just hope this means that when Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly or any of those other idiots on the radio say something racist or misogynist it means that they will get fired too. This shouldn’t take too long, because they all say stuff 100 times worse than Imus on a daily basis. If only there was a list with examples of the horrible things these people say on a regular basis…

    At least Imus apologized and took responsibility for what he said. Any of these other guys would have just attacked the Women more for getting upset.

  5. Beck is certainly at risk as he has a show on CNN…O’Reilly and Limbaugh are tremendously ignorant men on a tremendously ignorant network (Faux News)….i’d estimate that they won’t sink on their own, but will go down with the ship when their network falters as American’s begin to assess their particpation in the ruse of the last 4 years, of which Fox Noise was a large part….also a point for another post.

    [side note – somegosoftly is at risk of losing her puff blog status here ;o) ]

  6. JC – great link, kind of goes with my point, everyone in media says their stupid things.

    PG – made you elaborate, I win. Seriously though, so true that he cannot expect to avoid fallout the way a Colbert character would.

    No let’s talk about the 80s party or something…

  7. so if Imus records a rap song with “nappy head ho” it would be ok, but he just can’t say it. Sing it = fine
    Say it = not so fine

    I’ve heard way more insulting and degrading things blaring out of cars at stop lights than “nappy head ho”.

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