Weird Week

The last week before you put all your things away and drive for five days is very odd.

Your diet: I’m eating cans of tuna that have been in the cupboard for a while. I made pancakes without a spatula. I’m over-seasoning everything. Because we’re trying to get rid of all the odd stuff. We have no pans or anything now, so it’s Lean Cuisines for dinner. Mmm.

Your wardrobe: I’m wearing and washing things over and over, half of my clothes are in suitcases to bring, the other half are in storage. And some things I can’t decide what to do with are sitting lonely on one little closet rack. Don’t make fun of me if I’m in the same shirt for the week.

Your schedule: I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier, and in the middle of the night, thinking of things to do, and then not being able to relax until I’ve done them. During the day, I don’t feel like working out after moving heavy things, so I wait until late – or don’t go at all.

Your communication: I’ve been calling friends to let them know I’m leaving, reminding family, and writing through email, myspace and blog all over to make sure everyone knows and cries. It’s like having a baby, it’s all we talk about. Get a grip, somegosoftly, it’s 6 months.

Your mood: MK and I are a little insane. We’re trying to fit everything into the back of the car, so we’ve turned into snoopy snoop comparer’s.

Actual conversation tidbits: “Well, if you’re bringing three toothbrushes I don’t see why I can’t bring these notebooks..”

“Like you’re going to use that dictionary. You can’t spell.”

“Maybe if you quit burning CDs and got our taxes done, we could pack that computer.”

“How about you just buy me a new laptop when we get there?”

That last one was me, duh.


In other somegosoftly news, last night I had a very exciting dinner conversation, and bartered some of my time for a guest blogger that will tide you over while I’m on the road. A really good, funny, better than any guest blogger ever guest blogger.



3 thoughts on “Weird Week

  1. I’m guessing statements 1, 3 & 4 were uttered by CK. I don’t mean to imply that she doesn’t brush regularly, but I’ve heard mention of MK’s paralyzing fear of dentists, hence the extra brushes?

    As for that last bit– geez, no pressure.

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