Today was spent entirely catching up on the internet…I tell everyone I don’t spend that much time reading other people’s blogs, and there is some truth to that. WordPress has it’s own aggregator so that I don’t need to go to anyone else’s that I’ve blogroll-ed. I can skim from my dashboard. But there are some hilarious sites that I’ve found and when I do, I go through them in a whole sitting. Not that I want to point you away from my own blog here, but somegosoftly knows you’ll be back. 😉

I’ve got a funny webcomic for you to browse if you don’t feel like working – you won’t get caught, it’s not too long. Some are strange, but others are outright hilarious:

Here’s a sample, one of my favorites.

Another one I love, and I’ve been reading for quite some time, although I have to admit to you that I don’t always get them without having to think about it for a while:

Here’s a sample too.


I found both of these sites here:

after finding that one here:

To Whom it May Concern. Indexed and TWIMC are both in my blogroll on the right if you want to find them more often, they are worth repeated stops. I understand WWAW has come to an end. I spent all day there today and can’t lie, got some interesting talking points. So if you go through the whole thing, don’t call me out on that, I’m well aware.

Finally, here’s another interesting link

That guy is all over the web and you can find some neat vids and info.

Finally, if you click no where else, click here. (hahaha)

Important Internet Info.


4 thoughts on “Productive

  1. LOL – remember when we made our own comic strip about the mentally-hilarious dude that would come into the B.O. every so often? I think I might still have that in a box somewhere. I’ll have to pull out all the old pics we took in college!

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