Where Have You Been?

Somegosoftly got a job!

Okay, sort of… I was so busy! I got up so early! Phew! You all count on me as your daily morning ray of sunshine, but I had to work. Well, play. Um, for two hours. Fine. It wasn’t a job, you got me. I got to babysit an adorable little 9 month old that I’m going to miss like crazy when I leave.

baby eating dog food

(Just kidding, that didn’t happen!) 😉

Good news: Baby is still alive and well despite me being in charge of feeding, changing, and putting her down for a nap. Bad news: I am eating like crap.

You know, because I’m leaving. So everyone loves me. We went out Monday and saw an advanced screening of The Reaping (first movie with Hilary Rank that I’ve liked). I had more popcorn and soda than I’ve eaten in about a year. It was my dinner. Then yesterday I had Tutto Gusto in Steiner Ranch with aforementioned adorable baby and TB. We had calamari AND pasta AND tiramisu. Today I got to hit Texadelphia. Mmmm. I forgot how good meat smothered in mayonnaise tastes. Needless to say I also have not worked out the last two days. I’m hoping that after burgers and beer tonight I will be full until June.

Or maybe I’ll be late blogging tomorrow too- and fasting.


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