About Handwriting

Are you buying it? Which are you?


If letters slant to the left: Indicates introspection and a lot of emotional control.

If letter slant to the right: Reveals a person who’s outgoing, friendly, impulsive, and emotionally open.

If letters are straight up and down: The sign of someone who’s ruled by the head, not the heart.

Letters that slant in more than one direction: Indicates versatility and adaptability.

An erratic slant: Usually means a lack of flexibility.

Heavy pressure writing (like you can feel the rib made on the back of the paper): The writer is agitated.

Moderate pressure (the writing is dark, but you can’t feel the rib on the other side of the paper): Shows ability to deal with stress.

Light pressure: Indicates someone who seems to take life in stride.

Tiny letters: Indicate the writer is has somewhat low self esteem but is intelligent.

Small letters: The hallmark of quiet, introspective types – they’re generally detail-oriented and have good concentration.

Large letters: Sign of a confident, easygoing individual.

Huge letters: Indicate someone who’s theatrical, usually loud, and needs to be the center of attention at all times.

Wide letters (their width and height are about the same): The mark of someone who’s open and friendly.

Narrow letters: Show someone who’s somewhat shy and inhibited but very self-disciplined.

Letters that don’t touch: Indicate an impulsive, artistic, sometimes impractical free thinker.

Some letters connecting: Means the writer’s personality blends logic and intuition.

All letters making contact: The sign of someone who’s highly cautious.

A curved first mark: Shows a person who’s traditional and plays by the rules.

A straight beginning stroke: Reveals someone who’s rigid and doesn’t like being told what to do.

A final stroke straight across: The writer is cautious.

An end mark that curves up: Reveals generosity.

Perfect penmanship: The hallmark of a communicative person.

An indecipherable scrawl: Indicates a person who’s secretive, closed-up and likes to keep his thoughts to himself.

from: http://www.didyouknow.org


4 thoughts on “About Handwriting

  1. wow…

    i didn’t know that,, about that,,

    it’s sooo TRUE too!,,,,

    how weird….

    my writing slants abit to the right,,, and most of it is connected,, not in like,, cursive way tho,,, oooohhhh

    but then,,, sometimes my writing changes,, depends ,,, actually,,, my writing sometimes goes from small to big,,, what does that mean?

    Pang ?_?~

  2. Interesting. This would indicate that I am:
    ruled by the head, not the heart
    quiet, introspective, detail-oriented, good concentration
    my personality blends logic and intuition

  3. Hmmm. So many of the descriptions rang true…. I suppose, then, blending logic and intuition as I am wont to do, the only reasonable conclusion is that I am an outgoing, friendly, yet rigid schizophrenic with low self-esteem who doesn’t like being told what to do.

    Why isn’t “has carpal tunnel from over-blogging” on the list?

  4. I talked to a handwriting expert a few months ago (not on purpose, just a chance meeting), and the only things that stuck with me were:

    If you have someone write the word “Thanksgiving”, the size of the “k” tells you whether or not they’re an honest person. If the “k” is taller than the rest of the word, they’re someone not to be trusted. If it’s the same size as the rest of the letters (i.e. the “k” isn’t taller than the “T”), they’re good.

    If someone dots their “i”s with open circles, they collect things.


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