SXSW = Dangerous

South By Southwest is the craziest thing to descend upon Austin annually. There are people everywhere, all the hotels are full, the bars go nuts. I worked downtown last year and got to see so many secret shows going on and all that cool stuff you only see if you’re lucky, but of course I was working 70 hour weeks and didn’t go to much. I’ve only total been to about one or two shows a year during SXSW. I usually find someone who knows about the good stuff that you can get in without a wristband. Those shows = free alcohol.

I’ve been so good lately about staying away from all that bars and drinking, in particular it was getting old, but more than that, it was empty weight. Now here it is, free for the taking, and less lame because it’s going out to see a show. How can you say no? So, some very awesome people – one in particular who included me – have the skills of trolling the internet for these free parties, held by the likes of Gawker and the LAist and Yahoo. Not only do I like free drinks, the shows are usually great. Last year’s Diesel Party I went to had the Editors, the one band I really wanted to see. This time around, if you remember this very old post that I wrote about BPM Magazine, well I’ve extended my musical knowledge, and will know a ton of the bands I’m seeing, and that’s cool.

So, I have potential plans for this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then Friday and Saturday. I really don’t want to not fit into the size three pants when all is said and done, so I’ll be fighting temptation for a week!

sxsw logo

Here’s a link to a neat playlist that has compiled some SXSW musicians. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “SXSW = Dangerous

  1. Are you really not going to drink at all? I feel like I may not go out either on Sunday or Monday (need to just pick one day to go out) and then I think I’ll probably hit it pretty hard on Wednesday and take it easier while I’m out on Thursday. This is all so overwhelming!

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