Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia (Ned Holness)

Well, this is ALL OVER the internet already, but for those readers of mine that might not have seen this, it’s a clip of Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia. Screaming.


Let me tell you, I LOVE Joe Rogan. Seriously. We saw him here in Austin at Cap City Comedy Club, and he was incredible. The stuff you might know him from is on the side for him – hosting Fear Factor and UFC, the show NewsRadio, and all that crap…but that’s not all he’s good at. (here’s his wikipedia page for more info)

He is certainly one of the best stand up comedians I’ve ever seen. He transfers his jokes effortlessly, his timing is flawless, and he brings his shows full circle, stuff I think is key to being a great comedian. We have never laughed so hard. He was taking shots, egging on the crowd, having a good time, making people think, and telling great jokes.

Well, so he sometimes has called people out on their “joke stealing”. I understand he’s made claims about Dennis Leary, Dane Cook, and others, so this isn’t his first attempt. He’s not just out to get Mencia. The way I see it, Mencia just makes it too easy.

Mike has been on my case since the guy got the TV show Mind of Mencia. It was on after Chapelle Show so we’d watch it occasionally. Mike HATED it. For many reasons. (Mencia’s wikipedia is currently locked from editing and under dispute…) Everyone talks not only about the joke ripping but that he doesn’t speak Spanish or isn’t from Latin America (Germany or something?), uses the name to trick people, etc, etc.

So it’s a big dispute receiving a lot of publicity lately, as The Comedy Store, Pauly Shore’s mom’s place, kicked Rogan out after this in favor of Mencia, AND Rogan’s agent, also Mencia’s, dropped him. All of which is discussed on Rogan’s site (click here if you haven’t checked it already).

What do YOU think???


14 thoughts on “Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia (Ned Holness)

  1. I really liked Carlos Mencia alot, i had bought his dvd and thought he was hilarious but once i found out about this shit i was furious, its so lame. Plus joe rogans so unbelievably hot and could kick neds ass!

  2. I think Joe Rogan, is dumb it’s just that he’s not funny AT ALL not one bit, so he has to find some other was to get attention. Mencia is so much better and will always be hence why he has a show and is very popular and everything and what doe Rogan have nothing cuz he’s not funny. He’s just a cry baby that’s it.

  3. Joe Rogan is just jealous of Carlos, or Neds’ Fame. Joe needs to worry about his own career because by the looks of it, he needs to. And also he’s a punk, he wasn’t even good in the UFC. Stop your bitching is what I say. Dont hate because Mencia and Cooke have more dough!

  4. Hi

    I watched the confrontation of Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia on and it was just ugly.

    What with the other 2 comedians agreeing that Carlos ‘steals’ jokes, all ganging up on Carlos.

    It’s not about whose jokes are stolen from who. There’s no copyright infringement here.

    Carlos Mencia is more famous and successful and if he really does the jokes better, maybe those 3 other losers should just stop being comedians and be Carlos’ writers. 🙂

    Why the sore anger?

    I know… cos… they’re… jealous?

    Go Carlos Mencia!

  5. I really used to like Carlos alot…But its just not right to steal someone elses stuff. I mean if you worked your butt off for something and someone came and stole it you would be pissed off . If you say you wouldn’t you are lying. Joe Rogan has is hand in all kinds of things and thinking he isn’t funny is your opinion. That isn’t the point ..the point is he does his own material and Carlos does everyone elses material. You can take a black, jewish, or chinese joke and make it a beaner joke just by changing a few words…But in the eyes of the person who came up with the original joke it is STEALING. Reguardless of race the punch line is pretty much the same. The truth is the truth and Carlos being a THEIF is the TRUTH.

  6. I noticed that Mencia stole jokes after watching two or three episodes from his show, back in 2006 or so. Coincidentally I had seen someone do the same joke on some comedy special or something a little earlier on Comedy Central.

    I was lukewarm about the show anyway and stopped watching it.

    Anyway I remember reading a Joe Rogan interview a year or so later and learning that he did standup, besides his gigs on Fear Factor and UFC. And in the interview he made an oblique reference to having a lot of respect for fellow comedians, at least the ones who had the ability to write their own material.

    The first thing that popped into my head — no joke here — was “wonder how he feels about Carlos Mencia?”

    So today I discovered the YouTube videos showing the confrontation between Joe Rogan and Mencia. Haaaa — no surprise here. Mencia is remarkably calm while lying his ass off in front of the entire club. But then most liars are. Bill Clinton was calm denying Lewinsky. Canseco and other baseball players (and likely Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong and so on) were convincing denying any former or current drug use, and so on and so forth.

    I’ve seen snatches of more recent Mencia shows, and he’s getting better. He is a talented comic performer, no question. But it’s just sad, PATHETIC even, that he stonewalls and denies using other people’s material. Just ADMIT it man — “I am a talented performer and I took other people’s bits and refined them.” There — is that so hard??

    What was really ridiculous was that he tried to cut down the allegations from Ari Shaffir by turning to the audience and saying “that’s a beaner joke. This guy is a Jew!! Do you think a Jew could come up with a joke like that??” Later he had to admit that he is 100% NON-MEXICAN. He’s as much a “beaner” as I am. Actually I’m not so pissed about him pretending to be Mexican when he’s actually German-Honduran, since he did live in East LA for a long time and knows the culture. But it’s just another sign of his duplicity.

    If you like Mencia’s show, fine. But don’t attack Rogan for having the balls to tell the truth. He doesn’t have anything against Chappelle or Seinfeld or any of the other hundreds of successful comics, just the ones who steal material and get away with it.

  7. I’m in complete disbelief of those who are justifying “carlos'” joke stealing by saying he does them better, which he doesn’t, and that there is no copyright infringement. For those of you that think in this way you are the bane of existence. Its the principle, you don’t steal. You do not take what is from another and claim it as your own. Any of you who do not understand or feel a deep suffering when you attempt to justify it for your self or others will learn very soon why you should have understood this very simple principle, which every fiber of your inner being is already arguing inside your self, and you know it. by the end will wish you had already agreed with the real you.

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